Daftar Beberapa Lagu Korea

Gue pernah posting tentang ‘Daftar Beberapa Drama & Film Korea‘ yang  udah gue tonton. Kali ini gue mau posing daftar lagu-lagu Korea yang gue sukai dan pastinya ada di dalam list player gue. Maksud gue nulis ini bukan untuk menentukan lagu tersebut bagus ato gag ya… Gue suka lagu-lagu ini karna kebetulan pas gue dengar langsung ‘ngena’ di hati gitu… *lebay*.

Terus, kalo lagu favorite teman-teman gag ada dalam daftar ini, bukan berarti lagunya gag bagus lhoh… Namanya juga selera, masing-masing personal pasti beda. Yang gue posting sekarang adalah lagu-lagu Korea yang menurut pendengaran gue ‘enak’ didengar.

Kalau teman-teman kebetulan lagi nyari lagu-lagu Korea, mudah-mudahan postingan ini bermanfaat dan memudahkan pencarian kalian. Terima kasih 🙂

Berikut daftar lagu Korea (baik berupa lagu atau soundtrack drama/film) yang gue sukai:

  • LAGU
  1. 2AM : Cant Let You Go Even If I Die, I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me, Love You Hate You, Only You
  2. 2NE1 : I Don’t Care, Lonely, Love is Ouch!, Ugly
  3. 2PM : 10 Jeom Manjeome 10 Jeom, All Day Think of You (A.D.T.O.Y), Crazy, Hands Up, I Can’t, My House
  4. 4Minute : Heart to Heart, HUH (Hit UR Heart), Whatcha Doin Today
  5. A Pink : L.U.V, My My
  6. Ailee : Don’t Touch Me, Heaven, I Will Show You, Mind Your Own Business, Shut Up feat Simon D
  7. AOA : Get Out, Girl’s Heart, Heart Attack, Like a Cat, Love Is Only You
  8. AOA Black – MOYA
  9. B1A4 : Lonely, Make Me a FoolO.K, Sweet Girl, What’s Goin On, You (ft Sunmi)
  10. Beast : 12:30, Adrenaline, Bad Girl, Beautiful, Beautiful Night, Breath, Close My Eyes, Drive, Freeze, Good Luck, Gotta Go to Work, It’s Not Me, Midnight, Mystery, No More, On Rainy Day, Sad Movie (Korean Ver), Say No, Shadow, Shock, Special, Stay, Tonight, I’ll Be at Your Side, We Up, YeY
  11. Big Bag : Blue, Let’s Not Fall in Love, Lie, Loser, Love Song, Tell Me Goodbye, Tonight
  12. Boyfriend – Bounce
  13. Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream
  14. ChoA AOA – Flame
  15. CNBLUE : Berhubung gue BOICE, jadi menurut gue semua lagu CNBLUE itu ENAK DIDENGAR. Tapi untuk mempermudah teman-teman, gue akan saring yang terenak dari yang terenak, yaitu : Black Flower, Blue Sky, Can’t Stop, Cinderella, Coffee Shop, Cold Love, Control, Diamond Girl, Don’t Care, Feel Good, Foxy, Friday, Have a Good Night, Hey You, Hide and Seek, I’m a Loner, I’m Sorry, Intuition, Greedy Man, Lalala, Let’s Go Crazy, Love, Love Girl, Love Rovolution, Man in front of the Mirror, Naran Namja (Man Like Me), Mr. KIA, No More, One More Time, One Time, Ready ‘n Go, Ring, Robot, Roller Coaster, Run, Still in Love, Wake Up, White, with Me. Over all, lagu-lagu CNBLUE  EASY LISTENING.
  16. ELSIE (Eunjung T-Ara) – I’m Good (Feat K.Will)
  17. EXID : Hot Pink, Up & Down
  18. EXO : Call Me Baby, Mama
  19. Ft Island : Hello Hello, I Hope, I Wish, Like The Bird, Love Love Love, One Word, Severely, Tears Are Falling
  20. F(x) – Danger
  21. FIESTAR – You’re Pitiful
  22. G.Na – Top Girl
  23. GOT7 : If You Do, Just Right
  24. GD x Taeyang – Good Boy
  25. GFriend – Rough
  26. Heo Young Saeng SS501 ft Hyuna 4Minute – Let It Go
  27. Hi SUHYUN feat Bobby – I’m Different
  28. Hyolin x Jooyoung ft Iron – Erase
  29. HyunA : Because I’m The Best (ft Kang Ilhoon BTOB), Get Out of My House (ft Kwon Jung Yeol Of 10cm), Ice Cream, Ice Ice (ft Yuk Ji Dam)
  30. Hyuna 4Minute feat JS (Trouble Maker) : Now, Trouble Maker
  31. iKON – Airplane
  32. Infinite : Back, Bad, Be Mine, Come Back Again
  33. Insooni – A Goose’s Dream
  34. IU : 23, Good Day, Nangging (ft Seulong 2AM), You and I, You Know (Rock Ver)
  35. Jang Hyun Seung Beast : Dirty Joke, Ma First
  36. Jiyoen T-Ara – Never Ever
  37. JJ Project – Bounce
  38. Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUE : Banmal Song (First Time Lover), Checkmate (feat JJ Lin), Fireworks (feat Sunwoo Jung A), Fool (feat Juniel), Miliage (feat YDG), One Fine Day
  39. Juniel : Bad Man, Illa illa
  40. JYJ – Get Out
  41. K.Will – Please Don’t
  42. Kang Seung Yoon (Winner) : I’ll Write You a Letter, Instinctively, It’s Rain, Stealer, Wild & Young
  43. Kim Jaejoong – Crying
  44. Lee Jong Hyun ft Juniel – Love Falls
  45. Lee Hi – Rose
  46. Lee Hyori : Bad Girl, Miss Korea
  47. Lee Seung Gi : Because You’re My Girl, Return
  48. Leessang ft Jung In – The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave
  49. Lizzy (After School) – Not An Easy Girl
  50. LYn X Leo (VIXX) – Blossom Tears
  51. Nam Taehyun (Winner) – Confession
  52. MBLAQ : Be a Man, Mirror, Monalisa
  53. MC Mong feat Mellow – Sick Enough to Die
  54. Miss A : Bad Girl Good Girl, Break It, Good Bye Baby, I Don’t Need a Man, Love Song, Madness (feat Taecyoen 2PM), Only You, Time’s Up, Touch
  55. N.Flying : Awesome, Lonely
  56. Oh Won Bin – I Love You and I Love You Again
  57. Rainbow – Black Swan
  58. Seo In Guk – Can’t Live Because of You (feat Verbal Jint), Shake it Up
  59. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
  60. Sistar – Push Push
  61. Sistar19 – Ma Boy
  62. SNSD : Gee, Genie, Hahaha, Hoot, I Got a Boy, Run Devil Run, The Boy
  63. Sonamoo – Deja Vu
  64. Song Minho Winner – Fear (feat Taeyang Big bang)
  65. Super Junior : Bonamana, Mr. Simple, No Other, Sorry Sorry, Superman, U, Walkin’
  66. Suzy Miss A – Please Come Out If You Love Me
  67. T-Ara : Bo Peep Bo Peep, Cry Cry, Day By Day, Do You Know Me, Don’t Get Married, Don’t Leave, First Love, Know The Feeling, Lie, Lovely Dovey, Roly Poly, Sexy Love, TTL (Time to Love) (feat Supernova), We were in Love (feat Davichi), What Should I Do, Why Are You Being Like This
  68. TaeTiSeo – Twinkle
  69. Taeyang Big Bang: Eye, Nose, Lips & Only Look At Me
  70. Touch – Let’s Walk Together
  71. U Kiss – Tick Tack
  72. VIXX : Chain Up, Error, Eternity, Hot Enough, MemoryMy Light (Ravi & Hyuk), Only You
  73. VIXX LR – Beautiful Liar
  74. Winner: Baby Baby, But, Color Ring, Different, Don’t Flirt, Empty, Just Another Boy, Go Up, Love is a Lie, Missing You (2NE1 Cover), Pricked (Song Minho & Nam Taehyun), Sentimental, Smile Again, Tonight
  75. Wonder Girl : Nobody, Wishing On A Star
  76. Yang Yoseob (Beast) feat Yong Jun Hyun  (Beast) – Caffein
  77. Yong Jun Hyun (Beast) – Flower
  78. Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Gik Kwang & Yong Jun Hyung (Beast)- Should I hug or Not
  79. Yoon Doo Joon (Beast) feat Son Dong Woon  (Beast) – When The Door Closes
  80. Yoon Doo Joon (Beast) feat Yangpa – Bon Appetit
  81. Yoon Doo Joon  (Beast)  feat Yong Jun Hyung  (Beast) – I’m a Man
  82. Yoo Jong Shin feat Kang Seung Yoon & Song Minho (Winner) – Wild Boy
  1. 200 Pounds Beauty : Beautiful Girl, Maria (Kim Ah Jung)
  2. 49 Days : Always (Park Bo Ram), Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Live Just One (Jo Hyun Jae), I Can Feel You (Navi), Scarecrow (Jung Il Woo), Tears Are Falling (Shin Jae), There Was Nothing (Jung Yeop),  Want (Oh Yu Ran)
  3. A Gentleman’s Dignity : Beautiful Words (M Signal), Everyday (Park Eun Woo), High High (Kim Tae Woo), My Love (Lee Jong Hyun CNBLUE)
  4. A Love To Kill – Ee Gga Jit sarang (Rain), Don’t Fool Me (Glue), Dream (K Will)
  5. Accoustic – Fly High (Lee Jong Hyun & Kang Min Hyuk CNBLUE)
  6. All About Eve – True Love
  7. Answer Me 1997 – All For You (Seo In Guk & Eunji A Pink)
  8. Arang & the Magistrate : Love and Love (Baek Ji Young), Love is You (K.Will), One World (Lee Jun Ki)
  9. Big! : Because Its You (Gong Yoo), Even Though I Love You (Suzy Miss A), Hated People (Beast), Hey U (Venny), If You Love (Noel), One Person (Huh Gak)
  10. Birth of a Beauty : Looking at You (M.C the MAX), She (Jong Hyun SHINee)
  11. Big Man – Con Amore Mio (Kim Tae Woo)
  12. Boys Before Flowers : Gaseumi Ottoke Dwaenabwa, Paradise, Stand By Me (SHINee)
  13. Bread, Dream, Love – Hope is a Dream That Doesn’t Sleep (Kyuhyun SuJu)
  14. Brilliant Legacy – Crazy In Love (Jisun)
  15. Cinderella Man : Can’t Bear 2 Say I Love You, Like You, Lover
  16. City Hunter – So Goodbye (Jonghyun)
  17. Cruel Temptation – Yongseo Motae
  18. Dream High 1 : A Winter Child Dream (Suzy Miss A), Don’t Go (Junsu 2PM), Dream High (Taecyeon ft Suzy and Joo), Maybe (Sunye Wonder Girl), Some of this Dream (San E), Someday (IU)
  19. Dream High 2 : Beautiful Dance (Bye Bye Sea), Dreaming (Eden), Hello To My self  (Ye Eun Wonder Girls), We Are B
  20. Full House 1 : Geh Deh Ji Geum (Lim Jung Hee), I Think I Love You, Sya La La
  21. Full House 2 : Baby Cry (TAP), Baby Why (Park Ki Woong), Hello Hello (No Min Woo), Love Note (Ailee), Touch (No Min Woo)
  22. Gu Family Book
  23. Haeundae Lovers : Farewell is Coming (Kang Min Kyung DAVICHI), Hello Boy (Bebop), Smile Again (LED Apple), Haeundae Lovers (Nam Gyu Ri)
  24. Heartstrings : A Chance Ecounter (Song Gol Mae), Because I Miss You (Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUE), Champion (PSY), Give Me A Smile (M Signal), Give Me a Smile [Comfort Song] (Yong Hwa), Guess You Don’t Know (M Signal), I Will Forget You (CNBLUE), If I leave, Not Just Friend (Oh Won Bin), See My Eyes (Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUE), Star (Kang Min Hyuk CNBLUE), The Day We Fall in Love (Park Shin Hye)
  25. I Do, I Do : Her Over Flowers (Yesung Suju), I Do
  26. Iris 2 – Black Paradise (Beast)
  27. It’s Okay Daddy Girl : Just Like Now (Lee Donghae ft Kim Ryeo Wook), Tell Me Your Love
  28. Kill Me, Heal Me – Auditory Hallucination (Jang Jae In ft NaShow)
  29. Love Rain – Because Its You (Tiffany SNSD)
  30. Ma Boy – CHI CHI (Pink Lens)
  31. Married, not Dating: Love Lane (Mamamoo), Stop the Love Now (Han Groo)
  32. Marry Me Mary : My Precious, Superstar, Tell Me Your Love
  33. Moorim School – Alive (VIXX)
  34. Mr. Idol – Summer Dream
  35. My Daughter Seo Young – Like Back Then (Melody Day)
  36. My Girl : Never Say Goodbye, Sang Uh Reul Sarang Han In Uh (Park Hee Kyung)
  37. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho : 2 as 1 (LYn), Fox Rain,  Look at Me, Losing My Mind (Lee Seung Gi), Oh La La (Kim Gun Mo), Starting Now I Love You (Lee Seung Gi), The  Person Will Love, Trap (No Min Woo)
  38. My Love From Another Star : Every Moment of You (Sung Si Kyung), Hello, Goodbye (Hyorin Sistar), In Front of Your House (Kim Soo Hyun), Like a Star (K.Will), Tears Like Tiday (Huh Gak)
  39. My Lovely Girl: All of Sudden (Krystal F(x)), I Want to Love (Alex), Only You (Kim Tae Woo), Pray (Male & Female ver)
  40. My Secret Hotel: Lost in Love (Neon Bunny), Secret (Yoon Seong Ki), Trap (Swings & Yoo Sung Eun)
  41. Myung Wol The Spy : Afraid of Love (Bobby Kim), If You Love Me More (Ryeowook Suju), To Be Able To Love (Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi)
  42. Nice Guy : Innocent Woman (Lee Soo Young), Love is Like Snowflake (Junsu JYJ), Really (Song Joong Ki)
  43. Oh My Lady – Your Doll
  44. Operation Proposal – If You Love Me (J Rabbit)
  45. Pasta – Every Single Day (Lucky Day)
  46. Personal Taste – No Way (Younha)
  47. Pink Lipstick – Black Tears
  48. Pinocchio – First Love (Tiger JK ft Punch)
  49. Playful Kiss – Will You Kiss Me (G.Na)
  50. Presecutor Princess – Give Me (Nine Muse)
  51. Protect the Boss : I’ll Protect You (Kim Jaejoong), Let Us Just Love (A Pink)
  52. Queen Inhyun’s Man – I’m Going to See You (Doek Hwan)
  53. Queen of Reversal – Cry Away (Kim Gon Mo)
  54. Rooftop Prince : After A Long Time (Jo Eun), After A Long Time Has Passed (Baek Ji Young), Difficult Love (Twilight), Happy Ending (Jay Park), Hurt (Ali), Shine (Kilgu & Bong-gu)
  55. Scent of a Woman : Better Tomorrow (Shes), Bluebird, I & You (MBLAQ), You Are So Beautiful (Kim Junsu)
  56. Secret Garden : Appear, Secret Garden – Reason (4MEN), That Man Secret Garden (Hyun Bin)
  57. School 2015: Who Are You
  58. Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Find You (JYJ)
  59. Take Care of the Young Lady : Dash Girl (Yoon Eun Hye), Hot Stuff (Davichi)
  60. Temptation: One Summer Eng (Jo Kwon 2AM & Fei Miss A), Pitiful (Lucky J), Temptation (Eru), That Place (Moon Myung Jin)
  61. The Moon Embracing The Sun : Back in Time (Lyn), The One And Only You (Kim Soo Hyun)
  62.  The Night Watchman – Wish (Yoseob Beast feat Gayoon 4minute)
  63. The Thousandth Man : Closer Closer (Verbal Jint feat As One), Hey Girl (B1A4 ), Only You (Goo Ja Myung), Tell Me Now (G.NA)
  64. To Beautiful You : Butterfly (Jessica & Crystal), Stand Up (J-Min)
  65. Unexpected You : Crazy (Kim Won Jun), Looking At The Empty Sky (Yozoh), Words Engraved In My Heart (Byul)
  66. Witch Yoo Hee – If (Jeon Hye Bin)
  67. You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin
  68. You Are Beautiful : Coming Down from the Sky (Miss S ft Oh Won Bin), I’m Fool (Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUE), Promise (Jung Yong Hwa CNBLUE feat Lee Hongki FT Island), Still As Ever
  69. You Are My Destiny – I Like It (Yang Sun Mi)
  70. Unexpected You : Crazy (Kim Won Jun), Looking At The Empty Sky (Yozoh), Words Engraved In My Heart (Byul)

34 thoughts on “Daftar Beberapa Lagu Korea


  2. gomawo banget, ini nih blog yang aku cari cari… banyak lagi lagu lagu yang benar benar enak didenger favorite aku dalam band korea juga suka CN’BLUE :). gomawo chingu

  3. anyeong …
    kak aku kan k-popers nih ..
    udah tiga tahun malahan ..
    cuman aku baru tahu dikit-dikit bahasa korea .. misalkan ya,makasih,hallo .. gitu aja kak ..
    maaf ya comentnya enggak nyambung ,,
    bisa enggak kakak ajarin aku bahsa korea dikit-dikit aja ..
    soalnya biasanya aku cari di goole susah dan banyak kesulitan ..
    thank ..

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