[Article] Star of the Week: CNBLUE’s Underrated songs you should get to know


I’m a Loner,Intuition, and even the Banmal Song are songs that many people know and love from CN Blue’s vast music collection.

But aside from the obvious singles that became popular with the public, CN Blue also holds quite a few treasures that go unnoticed. So before their sparkles die, we want to list off our five favorite CN Blue songs that have unfortunately gone under the radar.

Sweet Holiday

This song comes off of CN Blue’s Bluelovealbum in 2010.

The group has performed this song several times on different music programs, but for some odd reason, it wasn’t as spotlighted as Love and Love Light in the same album, which is kind of disappointing, considering what a beautiful song Sweet Holiday is.

The sappy lyrics, which make Sweet Holiday one of the most romantic yet unfortunate songs about one-sided love, were written by none other…

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