[News|Photos] CNBLUE Performs at ‘Music Bank in Chile’ with 10,000 Fans


CNBLUE heated up the stage at the “Music Bank in Chile” performance.

On November 2, CNBLUE performed at the KBS “Music Bank in Chile” special episode at the Quinta Vergara in front of 10,000 fans.

They sang many of their hit songs such as “Loner” and “LOVE.” They showed off their powerful stage presence to their fans in Chile. Even after the performance, fans followed CNBLUE everywhere they could, from their hotel to restaurants, showing their popularity.

CNBLUE commented, “It took us over 30 hours to arrive here in Chile, but after seeing all our fans and their support, all our tiredness went away. Since it was our first time here, we did not expect many fans. It was so nice to meet all our fans in chile and we would love to come back if we had another chance. The people and the scenery of Chile was so wonderful. It will…

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