[News] CNBLUE to make a comeback on February 2014!


CNBLUE will be releasing their fifth Mini Album full of self-composed songs in February of 2014. Please, look forward to their comeback of even-more mature and fabulous, all four members of CNBLUE!

Just back in Korea after completed successfully BLUE MOON World Tour in AmericaCNBLUE is ready to make a comeback this month!

CNBLUE will be back on the Korean music scene with their fifth mini-album, more than one year after Re:BLUE. Even if the date and the title of the mini-album are still unknown, FNC Entertainment mentioned that this mini-album is full of self-composed songs. It has also been reported that Yonghwa composed the upcoming title track and that Jonghyun helped out.

Despite the long wait for a new release in Korea, CNBLUE has been very active in 2013, especially with their first world tour BLUE MOON that travelled all over Asia, Oceania and America, and also…

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