[Video|News] Ryu Hyun Jin’s theme song ‘Ryu Can Do It’ by CNBLUE officially released


As mentioned previously, major league baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin‘s official theme song for this season was provided by CNBLUE, and it’s been now released through domestic music sites!

The song is called “Ryu Can Do It“, and Yonghwa edited his self-made song “One Time” to fit Ryu Hyun Jin with changes in lyrics.

Ryu Can Do It

The ‘Mr. Monster’ in the lyrics alludes to the baseball star himself. The song also samples the Korean folk song “Arirang” and Yonghwa added a guitar riff to make it more modern.

So check out CNBLUE‘s “One Time” remade into “Ryu Can Do It” through the audio below!

Photo Credit: @CN_Fanclub
Video Credit: BubbleFeetMusic Blast Channel 7 (#SecretMan)
Article Credit: allkpop.com

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