[Album|Vid] CNBLUE 「Go your way」 8th Japan Single Album [320kbps]


Go your way Standard

CNBLUE 「Go Your Way」 8th Japan Single Album 320kbps

Release Date: 2014.08.20
Genre: Pop, Rock
Language: Japanese / English
Bit Rate: 320kbps
File Size: 35 MB

Exerpt from YesAsia:

“Just in time for their appearance at Summer Sonic 2014, CNBLUE is unleashing Go Your Way, their eighth major Japanese single! A high-energy rock tune, Go Your Way is the perfect summer anthem for CNBLUE’s summer activities. The single includes Control and Monster as B–side tracks…”


 「Go Your Way PV」

CNBLUE - Go your way_previewYet another Japanese release for the BLUE BOYS this year, ‘Go you way’ being their second release this year with another ‘Wave’ LP set to hit stores next month so there’s no end to CNBLUE cranking out music that’s for sure. I find that so refreshing about Asian artists, the fact that they produce so much quality music so often. True our bank accounts take a huge hit, especially…

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